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The truth, details and myths uncovered about the free Mac Mini deals on the Internet.

If you have been surfing the Internet you’re pretty sure to see advertisements to receive a free mac mini just for referring your friends to the free mac mini deal link. Most of the time these deals are perceived as scams and that you will never receive your free Mac mini. People think they are scams because they do not know how they work, and I will explain how this deal works and why people receive their free mac minis and ipods and everything else that GratisNetwork has to offer.

By following this link you will sign up to for the program to receive a free mac mini. The directions are simple. Sign up and refer 10 friends to sign up also - We all got buddy lists so getting 10 friends to want a free mac mini is simple. Once you complete your signup you need to signup for one of their free trials. (Yup this is the hook – let me explain)

The links they provide to have you signup for the trial services are affiliate program links, they make money off of every service you sign up for and can keep track of who completes the sign up for what offer. For every signup completed they make a portion of the money or a referral fee. Simple enough, want a free mac mini sign up for one of their services. These services are from popular companies such as Blockbuster online, to magazines to credit cards, things all households generally use especially if they have the Internet.

Because your ten friends also want the Mac Mini for free really bad they will also sign up for these services and then refer their friends and their friends refer more friends and so on.

So how can they give out free Mac Minis?
They have no problem mailing out free Mac Minis because they are making the money, much more money than a Mac Mini is worth, but not off you, and not off your friends. Let me explain, the services you must fulfill make them(GratisNetwork) anywhere from $15.00-$100.00. It is the way affiliate programs work they want more people using their services so they allow people to become their sales agents and make a percentage of the sale.

You completed your task because you have willpower, you got 10 people to signup and complete the tasks but do those 10 people have the willpower to get their 10 people to complete the task? If you have 10 people referring 10 people, and those referring 10 people there are going to be holes in the chain, some of those people who were referred will not complete the task all the way and they wont get the Mac Mini, but you will if you push your friends to get the Mac Mini and to follow directions.

  1. Sign up for the service.
2. Complete the service task (ie: blockbuster online, newpapers
    magazines, medicine, contact lenses, etc)
3. Refer 10 friends to complete the signup process.

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